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Scientific design of the finished size of corrugated boxes

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The main use of corrugated boxes is to pack things, but if the carton has a dimensional deviation, it is equivalent to making a fatal mistake. Many people in the industry think that the size management control of carton is the most basic and the simplest, but users of corrugated boxes often do not think so. The size problem directly determines the value of the carton. Customers of the right size will accept the use.
The size is not suitable, other projects are doing well, and it does not help. But to really manage and control the size of the carton is a very systematic job. Therefore, it is the most economical and scientific management to make simple things right at once.
The size of the corrugated box is designed first for the inner dimensions. Since the inner dimension is relatively easy to determine, it is determined by the physical measurement of the built-in goods or the outer dimensions calculated by the physical combination arrangement. The discharge of contents should be as space-saving as possible, and reasonable consideration should be given to the factors of support.
From the point of view of mechanics, if the contents share part of the supporting force, the requirements for the compression resistance of the carton can be appropriately reduced. Therefore, it means a reduction in costs and an acquisition of profits. If the contents are cartons, consider the direction of the carton of the carton, because the longitudinal wire is better than the lateral wire.
In the forming process of the corrugated box, the corrugated board is pressed to make the corrugated board bend well, and the pressing line causes the structure of the corrugated board to be broken to make the inner paper shrink and the facial paper extend. The amount of expansion and contraction is directly related to the thickness of the cardboard and the way the pressure is applied. The thicker the cardboard, the larger the expansion value, the wider the pressure line, and the larger the expansion value. However, whether it is a corrugated box formed by a two-wire, three-wire or five-wire crimping method, the protruding portion of the bottom line of the crimping wheel presses the pressed portion of the corrugated cardboard into the center of the corrugated cardboard. Therefore, the inner dimensions of the corrugated box are slightly shorter than the distance between the line and the line of the corrugated box. In this case, the shortened part size is added as a correction value, which is closely related to the thickness of the corrugated board.
In order to protect the contents of the most common carton, the outer flap is usually to be butt-sealed. This requires that the size of the flap of the carton must be calculated accurately, and there is no gap after the docking, nor can it be superimposed. In principle, the theoretical value of the width of the flap width should be one-half of the size of the box width. However, since the inner and outer flaps are on the same pressure line, the inner flap is folded and the outer flap is supported, and the outer flap must have a certain gap at the joint. Therefore, it is very important to calculate the correction value of the outer flap width manufacturing size. This correction value is generally half of the thickness of the pressed cardboard, but the different types of crimping equipment cause the expansion of the cardboard paper and the inner paper is different, so it is best to determine by actual measurement.
In simple terms, in the structural design of the corrugated box, it is determined according to the manufacturing equipment used and the different production processes, and the corrugated cardboard made of different types of crepe, as well as the type and nature of the goods, only the mastery of all After designing the structure and size of the corrugated box, it is possible to manufacture a corrugated box that protects the merchandise and beautifies the merchandise.
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