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The future direction of the printing industry

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The four-year Chinaprint is over, and the annual "Top Ten Printing Industry in China" selection is finally over. Under the influence of the financial crisis and various unfavorable factors, the development of China's printing industry in 2008 has gone so far. Hardships. But for any country, any industry is a pain that must be experienced in the process of development from large to strong.
Reviewing the development history of China's printing industry is a development process from scratch, from external introduction to independent innovation. Along with the establishment of New China, China's printing industry is facing a situation of being poor and white. From the reform and opening up to the present 30 years in the competition with foreign counterparts, China's printing industry has made tremendous achievements in its continuous adjustment and change. But we should also be soberly aware that China is still only a printing power, and we may still need another 30 years to go to the printing power.
The four-year "Chinaprint" and the annual "China Printing Industry Top Ten" selection for the development of China's printing industry, the significance of letting us know ourselves and others, through the "Top Ten Awards" to recognize and encourage those who make significant contributions Enterprises and individuals are proud of the achievements of our printing industry; and through "Chinaprint" let us see the gap with the world's printing powers, avoid behind closed doors, and clearly realize how to be in the future development. Work hard and improve.
At the same time as the “Chinaprint2009” and “2008 China Printing Industry Top Ten” selections in May, let us pay more attention to the comparison between China's printing industry and the world's advanced countries on the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up. As stated at the “Ten” Awards Ceremony, Mr. Guo Fansheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HC Network, China has a large number of printing companies and huge market demand. We have achieved remarkable results in 30 years of development, but we also It should be seen that as a printing country in the world, we still lack the right to speak on the stage of the world. The “Top Ten Selections in China's Printing Industry” sponsored by HC Network not only recognizes the companies and individuals who have contributed, but also witnesses the printing industry in China. Every step from big to strong, we must witness the Chinese printing industry gaining the right to speak on the century stage.
As China's and even the world's printing industry's carnival - "Chinaprint2009" and "2008 China's top ten printing industry" has come to a close, once a lively and brilliant stage, this moment has long been to silence. But for each of our printers, our hearts should not be calm, because China's printing industry has moved to the next cycle, and on the way to the printing power, each of us has a mission.